Karl sends his love. <3

Rent-Boy Android Karl sends his love and wants you to know he’s thinking of you.

Rendered in DAZ Studio Pro with Iray on (3) Nvidia RTX-3090s.

This artwork incorporates, and makes use of, the following commercial and free assets. When available, non-affiliate links are provided below to the source for either purchase or download. Please support independent artists and do not download any of these products from unauthorized sources.

  • Karl G8M (Sithlordsims)
  • Custom face emissions texture inspired by Parcel from LexaKiness
  • AdedayoHair (Afrodite-Ohki)
  • Circuit Bracelet (3DStyle, CyberGadgets)
  • CPG Wristwatch (3DStyle, CyberGadgets)
  • CyberEyes (3DStyle)
  • Plugin Limbs (PixelSploiting)
  • G8M HommeSecretZ04 (DZheng)

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